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I was Named after a Pickle

This post was originally published on The Trek I promise you, it’s not what you think. My first trail name was given to me while hiking the Appalachian Trail with an outdoors program sponsored by Girl Scouts. Everyone at the camp had a name. The ropes course instructor, who was deaf, was named Flying Hands.... Continue Reading →

How to tell your Husband You’re Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Ever wonder how to you tell your husband that you're dreaming about taking off life for five months to solo hike the east coast of the United States? The answer is you don't. You certainly don't respond to his nonchalant answer of 'maybe' by starting research and creating a timeline. You definitely should NOT buy... Continue Reading →

Laurel Highlands:The Last 35

It was already mid September and I was anxious to finish the trail before winter set in. So I packed up all my gear and and waited impatiently till the weekend. Then last minute, I hit a speed bump. The last segment of the trail was an hour and a half from the house and... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Laurel Highlands

By the end of summer I had the hiking bug. We had spent one glorious week in Acadia National Park, hiking, swimming and picking huckleberries to our hearts content. (Don't know what a huckleberry is? Check it out here). I had never been to Maine in June, and returned home with black-fly bites to prove... Continue Reading →

Why Hike?

I first fell in love with backpacking when I was eight years old. I was with my girl scout troop and we hiked the at for a week. It was everything. It was then that I decided I wanted to do a thru trek. Fast forward eighteen years. I had moved to Israel, enlisted as... Continue Reading →

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