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How to tell your Husband You’re Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Ever wonder how to you tell your husband that you're dreaming about taking off life for five months to solo hike the east coast of the United States? The answer is you don't. You certainly don't respond to his nonchalant answer of 'maybe' by starting research and creating a timeline. You definitely should NOT buy... Continue Reading →

The Most Underrated Dog Park in Pittsburgh

After days of unpacking all of our belongings into our new home in Pittsburgh and many meals on living room floors, Kimbo and Sadie were clearly restless and needed to let out some energy. (Here's a great article on how playtime and exercise can help reduce dog anxiety). It took us awhile to find a... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Laurel Highlands

By the end of summer I had the hiking bug. We had spent one glorious week in Acadia National Park, hiking, swimming and picking huckleberries to our hearts content. (Don't know what a huckleberry is? Check it out here). I had never been to Maine in June, and returned home with black-fly bites to prove... Continue Reading →

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